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Member Testimonials (continued...)

 Chris South of Aveland Pest Solutions (Pest Control) 

"As a company, Aveland Pest Solutions Ltd, we were looking to raise our profile and Safe Local Trades was what we were looking for. We were extensively vetted and now have many very good testimonials to prove that we are worthy members of Safe Local Trades. The support given to members is excellent, with regular meetings and guest speakers. All the members feel they are part of the 'bigger picture' which is Safe Local Trades. Well done for your continuing help and support."

Ken Borland of Borland Landscaping (Garden Design & Landscaping / Fencing Specialist)

"I am very pleased that I became a member of Safe Local Trades, as it has really helped my business. I think it's commendable what Safe Local Trades has achieved; the vetting process is thorough, ensuring that the members are who they say they are and, with the aid of customers reviewing your work, this helps boost your credibility. As reputable tradesmen thrive on good reputation and have nothing to hide, the reviewing process allows potential customers a better picture of who you are and how well you have done for past customers. This in itself I believe is the key to further work enquiries and is an excellent tool for progression. I believe in what are achieving and that is to provide somewhere safe for hardworking people in society to go to approach approved and recommended tradesmen and bypass the rogue trader."

Alastair Peat of Alfresco Landscaping (Garden Landscaping)

"Safe Local Trades have transformed the impact of advertising on our business. All the boxes for targeted advertising have been ticked and we have seen a dramatic increase in good quality enquiries since we joined 2 years ago. The work that Eileen and the team put in behind the scenes to ensure the Safe Local Trades name is at the forefront of people's minds is incredible. By potential customers using Safe Local Trades as their first port of call, this immediately puts the associated businesses top of the list. We don't need to spend a penny elsewhere on advertising - and won't be for the foreseeable future!"

Dean Pallett of Limehouse Interiors (Kitchens & Bedrooms)

"Reading my genuine customer reviews is so reassuring, pleasing and motivating to learn that the hard work, put in by my tradespeople and myself, is recognised by them.  I take immense pride in the work my business carries out and to hear how happy my customers are with their kitchens is simply elating.  I now know that becoming a member of Safe Local Trades is one of the most constructive and important decisions I have made for the business thus far as it gives an element of credibility and confidence to new customers that is not possible by any other means. Thank you so much for allowing me to be a member of your organisation.  What your business stands for is so important to the world of home improvements and a vital public service that will divide the professionals from the rogues."

Paul Nursey of PSN Window Cleaning

"Being an approved trade member of Safe Local Trades makes me feel that I belong to an exclusive club - tradespeople that care about the service their customers receive and take pride in their work. Qualities that ensure both parties have a positive experience whilst dealing with each other - This is exactly the kind of business I wanted to operate and belonging to the Safe Local Trades circle helps me to portray this perfectly. Receiving an enquiry from a prospective customer is enjoyable as it makes me is another opportunity to show what I can do, that I offer a service that stands out from the crowd. I have also found that the people that look for you on Safe Local Trades usually guarantees a certain quality of customer which in turn leads to a positive experience from the tradesman's point of view. I must also add that getting a notification that another review has been left is a bit like Christmas morning.......a little bit excited to read what has been said about you. All in all my Safe Local Trades experience has been great. A very professionally run organisation and exclusive tool to promote your business. I intend to continue with membership to this "club" for the foreseeable future."

Bill Perrin of Bill's Fencing (Fencing Specialist) 

"I have been a proud member of since October 2008 and am very pleased with the professional service that membership offers. I like the fact that it prides itself on providing a safe place for members of the public to find a “safe” tradesman as they can feel confident in making a choice from members profiles, knowing they are criminal record checked, and can read and see previous jobs and customer views."

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