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Member Testimonials (continued...)

Stuart Barraclough of SMB Kitchens (Kitchen Specialist)

" provides the general public with the confidence that each and every member has been not only recommended by other tradesmen but also by previous customers and ensures that only the professionals are granted membership. SMB kitchens are very proud to be associated with since joining in March 2009."

Clayton Fisher of Install Fascias &  Cladding

"I decided to join Safe Local Trades in 2008 as I had heard it being talked about and I thought Peterborough and surrounding areas needs something like this. My business took off straight away after joining - I was really pleased with the rate of enquiries I was receiving. The cost to be a member is very reasonable; also the enquiry rate and fact that SLT feature in many magazines (which I have adverts in under the Safe Local Trades banner), also brings me numerous enquiries. I think Safe Local Trades has built a great brand and I am very proud to be part of it."

Ken Borland of Borland Landscaping (Garden Design & Landscaping / Fencing Specialist)

"I am very pleased that I became a member of Safe Local Trades in January 2013, as it has really helped my business. I think it's commendable what Safe Local Trades has achieved; the vetting process is thorough, ensuring that the members are who they say they are and, with the aid of customers reviewing your work, this helps boost your credibility. As reputable tradesmen thrive on good reputation and have nothing to hide, the reviewing process allows potential customers a better picture of who you are and how well you have done for past customers. This in itself I believe is the key to further work enquiries and is an excellent tool for progression. I believe in what are achieving and that is to provide somewhere safe for hardworking people in society to go to approach approved and recommended tradesmen and bypass the rogue trader."

Chris South of Aveland Pest Solutions (Pest Control) 

"As a company, Aveland Pest Solutions Ltd, we were looking to raise our profile and Safe Local Trades was what we were looking for. We were extensively vetted and now have many very good testimonials to prove that we are worthy members of Safe Local Trades. The support given to members is excellent. All the members feel they are part of the 'bigger picture' which is Safe Local Trades. Well done for your continuing help and support."

Steve Bedford of Drylining Systems

"I love the concept of Safe Local Trades as I loath cowboy builders. Most people want that trust factor as there are so many rogues out there. Being part of Safe Local Trades since 2008 has proven that I am open and transparent, accountable for my work, criminal record checked and also, with no website, my membership profile on gives me a great web presence."

Tony Bogusz of Style Home Improvements

"Back in 2008, Eileen came out to see me and my dad and we loved the idea of being on a site where customers could see our work and give feedback but, not only that, Eileen was so passionate about having a site full of trades people that customers could trust it just won us over. Safe Local Trades has been a vital building block for our company over the years. We have found it helps reassure customers that we are a reputable, trustworthy company and with the help of reviews and photos, customers can decide if we are the company for them before contacting us. Year after year, Safe Local Trades has become more widely known and trusted and we’re happy to be part of that. I also love that Eileen and the SLT team are so involved with the tradespeople, not all trade sites are like that." 


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