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Nene Valley Tree Services

"We have been members of Safe Local Trades since 2016 and we are so pleased as it’s proven to be an invaluable resource, both for us as a business - and personally. We have also done some fantastic charity work alongside Eileen and many other members of Safe Local Trades, without whom it would not have been possible so we are deeply grateful to Safe Local Trades for all their support. We have also found some wonderful tradespeople on the webiste that we have used whilst rennovating our home. Thank you Safe Local Trades, you make Peterborough feel a safer place - we look forward to a long and continued relationship with you!"

Neil Rickett of NS Rickett Roofing (Roofer)

"Safe Local Trades has definitely put me on the map and becoming a member was just the boost that my business needed. The personal support provided, both for myself and for my business, has been outstanding and I have never been busier. I have 110% faith in this service and I am extremely grateful and proud to be a member. Thank you Safe Local Trades for all your hard work and I certainly intend to stay a member for many years to come."

Dave Fisher of Plumber 4U

 "I joined Safe Local Trades in 2013 and, when running your own business, you can easily take for granted just how good Safe Local Trades is. It may not be the biggest trusted trader website but I do believe it is the best. The reason for this is that it’s not just working for tradesmen, it offers a wealth of good advice for customers too. Our customers can be confident that we have their best interests at heart. Many of my customers only use trades people from Safe Local Trades because it’s a service they trust and that makes our job as tradesmen a whole lot easier. Since becoming a member I have seen my business grow, and now a large proportion of my work comes through Safe Local Trades enquiries. So, a massive thank you for all the hard work that has gone in to making Safe Local Trades such a success for both tradesmen and customers."

Ken Borland of Borland Landscaping (Garden Design & Landscaping / Fencing Specialist)

"I am very pleased that I became a member of Safe Local Trades in January 2013, as it has really helped my business. I think it's commendable what Safe Local Trades has achieved; the vetting process is thorough, ensuring that the members are who they say they are and, with the aid of customers reviewing your work, this helps boost your credibility. As reputable tradesmen thrive on good reputation and have nothing to hide, the reviewing process allows potential customers a better picture of who you are and how well you have done for past customers. This in itself I believe is the key to further work enquiries and is an excellent tool for progression. I believe in what are achieving and that is to provide somewhere safe for hardworking people in society to go to approach approved and recommended tradesmen and bypass the rogue trader."

Gary Braesyde of Locksmith Doctor

"Safe Local Trades exists to stamp out rogue traders and I am extremely proud to be a member. In a world where trust is hard to find, they take pride in ensuring that only the best of trades are given the privilege of being called Safe Local Traders. I tell my customers to forget other platforms that only exist to make money from traders advertising and competing for their work, always use Safe Local Trades as this is the only platform that exists to provide the customers the very best of services with only the customer and trades persons interest at heart."


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