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Customer Testimonials

Mrs Linda Phillips, Peterborough PE1

"I have used Safe Local Traders several times, what a great idea. Always the first place I look when help is needed. It is reassuring to have a recommendation when allowing a stranger into your home. To date I have not been disappointed, always very professional and pleasant tradesmen. Never any pressure to accept quotes immediately."

Mrs Patricia Carter, Peterborough PE1

"Your website is is absolutely brilliant for finding trusted traders. These sort of people are very hard to find nowadays. I cannot thank you enough. For whatever trades person I may need in the future your site is the one I shall use and I shall most certainly recommend you to family and friends. Thank you so much. (I am a victim of Rogue Traders which has devastated me) and your site is most invaluable to people like myself. I thank you so much again."

 Mr Michael Lord, Deeping St James, PE6

"I would not book any trades now without checking out Safe Local Trades first. I now have a plumber, electrician, carpenter and fencing and garden specialists that I can rely on and have peace of mind, after once being taken for a very expensive ride by a cowboy."

Mr John Davis, Peterborough PE1

"I have found a suitable tradesman on several occasions and found their work to be excellent. I consider I can trust anyone listed with Safe Local Trades. The traders are local, easily contactable and have never let me down."

Mr Tony Newman, Hungingdon PE28

"Having realised, to my detriment, that when asking for recommendations on social media, a lot of people just recommend their family and friends and this is not a fool-proof way of finding reputable traders. Since discovering Safe Local Trades, I have complete confidence in their vetting process and all the workmen I have used have been professional, honest and have carried out great work. Reading their genuine customer reviews always helps in the decision process. I now recommend Safe Local Trades to everyone and tell them to make it their first port of call."

Mrs Lewis, Peterborough PE2

"As a widow, I have put off having jobs done in my house for quite some time as I didn’t know who to trust. Thanks to Safe Local Trades, I have now had painting done, a new carpet in my lounge and lots of odd jobs carried out. All the members have been professional, friendly and good value for money. I will always use Safe Local Trades in the future and will tell all my friends about it. Thanks again."

Mr John Brookes, Peterborough PE1

"I always use Safe Local Trades as my first option. I have used traders from this site for roofing repairs, guttering and 3 piece suite cleaning etc. Always satisfied with the quality of work. Reassuring to know that tradesmen have been vetted and deemed to be good before you contact them."

Mr Alan Gildersleve, Baston PE6

"It's a good, reliable way to find the right people to do your project and not get chancers saying they can do a job when they can't."

Catherine M, Central Peterborough PE1

"As a vulnerable disabled woman, Safe Local Trades is a life-saver and I feel it should be part of the Health Service due to the worry and stress it alleviates for me and the protection that it offers. Whenever I have needed a trader, I have called Safe Local Trades and they have given me numbers for members who have all been wonderful. Thank you for an incredible service and for all the worry it takes away from me."

Mr Ian Bramwell, Peterborough PE4

"We have used Safe Local Trades to find people for three projects recently, with excellent results. This is a really valuable service."

Ms F Burge, St Ives PE27

"Thank you for providing such a wonderful service and I would urge anyone reading this to not to put yourself at risk by choosing someone out of the paper. I have used several Safe Local Trades members and they have all been marvellous. It is very reassuring to know that they have been vetted and are trustworthy."

Ms Victoria Dyke, Peterborough PE3

I've been using this site for several years now. Before I heard about it, I had a number of poor experiences with various trades and services, so really wanted to find a good way to find reputable professionals. All the people I have found on Safe Local Trades have done good work and have been great to use. I recommend it to everyone, especially as checks, etc., are far better than other sites.

Mrs Greta Waldron, Northborough PE6

"Since becoming a widow 8 years ago I have been using this website and it has been so very useful to me as I have never been let down by anyone. I would not be without this wonderful service."

Mr McClenaghan, Peterborough PE1

"I do think you provide a valuable service - far more reliable and objective than merely trawling the internet."

Mr Peter Browse, Peterborough PE6

"We have used the website many times and have not been let down."

P Anslow, Peterborough PE4

"I really, really value Safe Local Trades – it’s a fantastic resource which I’ve used on many occasions. SLT are small business people and I’ve always found everyone to be 10/10 so thank you!"

Mr Thomas, Peterborough PE2

"I started using Safe Local Trades about three years ago and every experience has been really positive."

Mrs Hazell, Peterborough PE2

"All the traders we have dealt with, as recommended by this site, have proved very good and reliable. Over the years we have easily used six members if not more. The reviews are helpful too."

Mrs Chestnutt, Peterborough PE3

"It is so comforting, especially as I live alone, to know you can trust a tradesperson who is trustworthy, reliable and reasonable in price. It is important that these people have been checked and it makes people like myself feel confident that we are not going to be ripped off. Your service provides an excellent service. Long may it last. Thank you."

Mr Rahim, Peterborough PE1

"This website has been invaluable in finding trades people that you can trust. All of the services that we have used the traders involved have been professional and honest. This includes the tradespeople that came to quote but did not eventually get the contract."

Mrs Jones, Peterborough PE7

"Safe Local Trades is ALWAYS my first port of call for any work we require."

Mr Porter, Peterborough PE1

"Feel confident that the tradesperson has been verified and able to check reviews."

Mrs Clegg, Maxey PE6

"Having previously made a mistake asking for a quotation from someone who wasn’t registered with Safe Local Trades, we turned to your service. We are so glad that we did, the painter and decorator we chose had been checked by Safe Local Trades. He was brilliant and we felt very happy with the whole experience. We shall always use Safe Local Trades in future."

Mr Keith Dickinson, Peterborough PE2

"I have used Safe Local Trades on numerous occasions, and it has served me well. Better than one similar site which advertises regularly on television. As a senior citizen, I am delighted with the introduction of the Service providers, and have already made use of it." 

Mr Fish, Peterborough PE2

"Will certainly use this website again. Best thing since sliced bread!"

Miss Melville, Peterborough PE4

"Having searched my local area for a few weeks for a plumber to do a small job I was very pleased to find your services via Google and had the work carried out in an excellent and very swift fashion." 

Mrs Annetts, March PE15

"As a pensioner, whose husband was a very capable handyman but now has Alzheimers, I felt very vulnerable when trying to choose a reputable contractor for home maintenance work. Safe Local Trades have given me the peace of mind of knowing someone trustworthy will carry out the work and I am most grateful."

Mr Newton, Peterborough PE4

"A very good website to find reliable and helpful local tradesmen."

Mr Lunn, Longthorpe, Peterborough PE3

"We have just used this website for the 4th or 5th occasion and once again we have discovered a workman of the highest quality and dependability. This is a much higher strike rate than with other websites we have used."

Mr Newcombe, Gunthorpe, Peterborough PE4

"Since moving to this area five years ago, we have always used Safe Local Trades and have been delighted with all the traders we have employed. We are very grateful for this invaluable service, knowing that we can trust who we get and have satisfaction with the work carried out. Thank you.

Mrs Lees, Glinton PE6

"Safe Local Trades is my first choice for finding a local, trustworthy tradesman. I have not had a bad experience from any of those I have employed to do work in my home - and I am very grateful for your website!"

Mrs Hallett, Peterborough PE2

"This site is excellent, thank you for giving people peace of mind to hire reputable people to do the job. It has taken away the stress, hassle and worry of being ripped off!"

Mr Bell, Bourne PE10

"I have used Safe Local Trades several times to find competent tradespeople and have always been very satisfied with the services they have provided."

Mrs Page, Peterborough PE4

"I have used two of your members so far and have been very happy with their services, will use your site again if I need a job done."

Mr Wright, Werrington, Peterborough PE4

"Safe Local Trades is essential for the needs and requirements for jobs in the home. I have called them many times and the tradesmen have always done a very good job and I am well pleased. I highly recommend them."

Mrs Hamilton, Peterborough PE2

"I have recently noticed on a site called Streetlife, odd comments saying not to use sites such as this as they are not unbiased. Poppycock I say. For someone like me, who has none of the knowledge needed for some household repairs, this site is a life-saver. How else are we lay persons supposed to choose a tradesman. Here I can read reviews and choose my workman from them. I have so far, never been disappointed with a Safe Local Trades member. I would recommend to anyone."

Mr Oliver, Spalding PE12

"This is the first time I have used your site to get a company to do work on my property. I found the site to be very useful and well set out. I will use the site again should I need other work."

Mrs Taylor, Peterborough PE1

"New to the area, we have used this service to find plasterer, plumber, electrician, tv aerial fitter, gardener and gutter cleaner. Work was requested for completion at very short notice. All concerned were prompt, efficient and helpful. We will always use this website for sourcing trades for other types of work required and will recommend to others"

Susan H, Peterborough PE2

"I have used the site extensively for electrician, builder, bathroom specialist, tiler and decorator. Without exception, the people who have talked to us and worked with us have been courteous, professional, brilliant workmen and a pleasure! Well done on a brilliant, brilliant site!"

Mrs Fletcher, Peterborough PE2

"I feel much safer selecting someone through this website as it offers me reassurance knowing certain checks are carried out, it is an easy website to use also."

Mr Rahim, Fletton, Peterborough PE2

"Safe Local Trades is a great and very useful website. It is good to know that the tradesmen on this register are trusted and that the reviews are visible. All the professionals we have used have been brilliant. Truly professional in all aspects."

Mrs Trafford, Yaxley, Peterborough PE7

"I think this website is fantastic! I know it is safe to use, without any worries. I have used a few tradesmen up to now, and I'm very happy with the jobs they have done. I will always use Safe Local Trades from now on."

Mrs Kaonga, Peterborough PE1

"Very helpful to be able to find a trustworthy trader! Brilliant service."

Derek T, Stanground, Peterborough PE2

"Don't look anywhere else. Having just recently moved from Essex to Peterborough, we were in need of local tradesmen and were advised to contact Safe Local Trades. Through this website we have used 4 local traders; electrician, plumber, garden fencing erector and a glazing company. In all cases we have no hesitation in recommending their work and value for money. Safe Local Trades really does what it says, by putting local people in touch with reputable traders. I encourage everyone to use this service."

Mr Harold, Peterborough PE3

"This website has been very helpful to me this year as I have used it to find a company to fit new upvc doors and another company to fit a new kitchen; both companies have been exellent and I will be using this site again in the future."

Phil Muttett, Stamford PE9

"I started using Safe Local Trades a few years ago after a few unsatisfactory experiences of selecting tradesmen from the local classifieds ads. Of the four traders I've used from Safe Local Trades, I haven't yet had a bad experience. Knowing that a trader is registered with Safe Local Trades gives me the confidence that they care about their business and keeping their customers happy. Reading other customer reviews is such a useful way of selecting a tradesman, and is the reason why I have had only good experiences with all of the traders I have used."

Mr & Mrs Alston, Peterborough PE1

"We thank you for all your help in giving us safe traders names to which we have found wonderful tradesmen who are very helpful, reliable and charge reasonable rates. 10/10 for your recommendations. Thank you." 

Steve Consalvez, Thorney PE6

"Safe Local Trades is definitely the organisation to come to when you value a tradesman that you can trust. We have now used 6 or 7 of your recommendations and they all stand out as people I am happy to come onto our home and know that we are safe. I guess some people might wait until a regular tradesman does something wrong before considering using a Safe Local Trades member, but if you want to make sure that you have a good person in front of you - professional AND trustworthy, I would highly recommend that people use this website. My first call is ALWAYS to Safe Local Trades, and I am very fussy indeed." 

Mr Waller, Peterborough PE1

"I have been using Local Safe Trades since I heard Eileen speak to at a Rotary Club many years ago. This year alone I have used four different local tradesmen and I have been very happy with all of their work."

Mrs A Peden, Peterborough PE4

"I always use the website when I need anything doing, you can read all about the business you are looking for, see photos of some of their work and you also get to read reviews by people who have used them too, which I find to be a great help. When trades people know you can leave feedback for all to see, then they will endeavour to always do a good job.

Mr B Hill, Peterborough PE2

"I have used several members from Safe Local Trades and I have been extremely pleased with the results and the service provided by them. I think this is an excellent scheme, as there are so many cowboys and rogues out there; it is a great way to source reputable trustworthy tradespeople. Thank you." 

Mrs A Cocker, Peterborough PE1

"I do love this website and it has been brilliant for me. I am in my 80's and live alone, and without a man in the house to organise the maintenance of the property, I have used Safe Local Trades successfully now for the past 3 or 4 years - new kitchen, new flooring, gutter repairs and an electrician; all of whom have been wonderful. I am very grateful for this service and I tell all my friends about it. will always be my first port of call and it really does make me feel safe when I need to source a trader.

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