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The Bobby Scheme

The Bobby Scheme

The Bobby Scheme, set up by the Cambridgeshire Police Shrievalty Trust, is a charity dedicated to securing the homes of victims of crime aged 60 and over. The charity helps to improve the quality of life, increased independence and safety of older, vulnerable and disabled residents in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough. They also help to reduce the fear of crime to non victims, Police Shrievalty Trust Logosdisabled residents and victims of domestic abuse.

The aims of the charity are to:

  • Reduce burglary
  • Reduce repeat victimisation
  • Reduce the fear of crime
  • Increase feelings of safety and provide peace of mind

Why the community needs this charity

Because they work closely with Cambridgeshire Police, they are able to identify victims of burglary aged The Bobby Scheme60+ within 24 hours and can offer their security service immediately. They can then target crime hot spots in the county and secure the homes of non-victims aged 65+ in the area, thus reducing the likelihood of thieves returning to the vicinity. The Bobbies not only fit security equipment to the homes of the elderly but also give safety advice which helps victims feel safe in their own homes again. They offer the same service to non-victims for a small donation.

Work to date

Since the scheme started, they have visited over 21,800 homes. In 2013, the Scheme helped 228 victims aged 60+, 827 potential victims and fitted 114 key safes. Their figures show the repeat burglary rate in the county is 12% and, where The Bobby Scheme has secured homes, the repeat burglary rate is less than 1%.

For more details, visit or telephone 01480 413311

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