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Tips from the Trades: Cranking up the Kerb Appeal on your property

kerb appeal
WHETHER it’s a job interview, a first date or meeting the future in-laws – you only get one real shot at making a good first impression.

And the same applies to your property, particularly if you are looking to sell it.

However, don’t wait until the better weather to spring clean your home; and we aren’t just talking about beautifying the inside of the property.

Spending some time and effort on creating a wow factor to the outside of your property can make the difference between a potential buyer driving by or stopping and taking note of your For Sale board.

We all know that a cold snap will be on the way before too long, but now is the perfect time for sellers to spring-clean their home.

So, if you are serious about selling, now is the time to keep your home out of the winter blues and stay one step ahead of the competition.

At Safe Local Trades we have experts and professionals to help with your landscaping, patios, driveways, guttering, fascia, even window cleaners; and all those other things that help create a fabulous focal point.

As well as considering a neutral look for the interior of your home, with an all-over lick of magnolia or something similar, think about the exterior of your property.

Giving your home kerb appeal is the first step to engaging with a buyer –here’s out top five tips.

  1. Check and repair any garden gates or fences, paint window frames and clean window panes.
  2. Clear paths of weeds and make the entrance to your home inviting with some freshly planted pot plants – autumn is a great time for adding a splash of colour.
  3. Make sure your doorbell works if you are expecting visitors, and it’s a good idea to clean away cobwebs from around your front door – no one wants a spider falling into view on their arrival at your home!
  4. Autumn leaves can play havoc with the appearance of your home, particularly if they get stuck in the guttering, and it is always a good idea to remove them before they collect in heavy piles.
  5. Outdoor areas, gardens and patios can seem a bit dull at this time of year, but you can still make the most of what space you have with a general tidy up and simple repairs. Plant up containers of seasonal flowers and make the most of the view by cleaning the windows inside and out.

However, don’t leave things until the last minute – our traders are already starting to fill their order books, so don’t get left out in the cold when it comes bringing the sunshine to the outside of your home. Visit our website and scroll through your list of preferred trades.

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