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Be smarter about the way you get paid by customers

Customer Payments

Some may say that cash is King – but in respect of portraying a professional, up to date and credible reputation; it is always better to be smarter about the way you get paid by customers.

Many of you will have a smartphone, and with so much technology easily accessible, there really isn’t an excuse for not having a card machine such as iZettle or SumUp. With no monthly contract, a one-off payment for the machine from as little as £29 and circa 1.75% on payments and all via a user-friendly app.

While some customers do not have a preference in terms of how they pay their bill, others get very suspicious if they are asked for payment in cash. With this in mind, always give the customer the options of cash, bank transfer or preferably, card machine. Some customers may still wish to issue a cheque so that must be accepable also. 


If in the event the customer choses to pay cash, it is paramount that you provide a receipt there and then so that there is a paper trail. If you do not have a duplicate quotation / receipt book and would like a professional version, we can sign-post you to obtain one that can be personalised with your details as per the following - email us at

SLT Quote Receipt Book

Never just give a verbal quote without backing this up via a written quotation - all methods of payments should be on this, including your bank details. A legitimate quote can also be provided to the customer via text or email.


If you provide a verbal quote and the customer asks ‘how much for cash?’do not lower the price as you will immediately lose credibility; it will give the impression that this payment will not be included in your accounts. This is an even worse scenario if you are VAT registered and provide a verbal quote and the customer asks that question!

Finally, let’s have a quick word about the benefits of having a card machine over a bank transfer.

For starters, stricter security within the industry is likely to make a bank transfer more time consuming for the customer. All new bank payments need to ‘match’ the account ‘exactly’ and therefore when providing your customer with your bank details, they will need the following information so ensure it is on your quotation / invoice: 

  • Account Name: Exact name as per what is on your bank card / cheque book
  • Account Type: Business or Personal (specify which one)
  • Sortcode:
  • Account Number:

There is no doubt that a card machine makes you look more professional; with the added benefit of being able to issue a customer receipt on the spot via text or email; at the convenience of the customer.

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