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Posted on: 10th January 2021

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Beware of Bogus BT Telephone Call

Beware of a scam telephone call purporting to be from BT. The call states, in an automated voice, "This is to inform you that your BT contract will be terminated tomorrow due to illegal theft and hacking activities. To restore your account and resolve the current scenario press 1 to talk to our investigation team right now. Please press 1 now. Thank you.

You can listen to the message here. 

Most people will realise this is not a genuine call, either because they aren't even a customer of BT or because they are already aware that scams like this happen. However, fraudsters can use technology to attempt these calls on a very large scale, often specifically targeting older or vulnerable people. Therefore the call could likely reach people who are not aware this is fake and who are sufficiently alarmed into pressing 1.

Please tell your colleagues, friends, family and neighbours never to press 1 if any cold call instructs them to do so. This will likely result in a hefty fee on their bill or connection to a threatening or persuasive criminal who knows exactly how to trick someone out of their money.

The instruction to press 1 is a common tactic of many telephone scams. Fake HMRC calls suggesting you owe tax or are due a rebate are a common example. In each and every case please do not press 1 or any other key instructed. And do not be reassured by a local or familiar looking number (in this case a London area code) since fraudsters can 'spoof' numbers to disguise their real origin and look like a local or UK call. 

Report phone scams to Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 or at

Please stay safe and spread the word. Thank you.

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