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Posted on: 17th November 2021

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Amazon to stop accepting Visa credit cards - beware of scammers

FOR those of you that use, you may already have been informed that as of January 19th 2022, Amazon will not accept Visa credit cards for payment. They advise you to replace the card with either a Debit Card or another credit card issuer.
Using a credit card to online shop provides you with more consumer protection than using your debit card. Using a credit card, you are spending someone else’s money until you pay it back. Using a debit card, you are spending your own money.
UK Cybercrime are predicting how the criminals will react to the Amazon announcement, so we urge you to be alert to the fact that criminals will exploit this situation to send phishing communications that appear to come from Amazon, inviting you to click on a link so you can change the card details on your account.
When updating your payment card, PLEASE be vigilant and access your Amazon account (or any online account) via the genuine website or genuine app, not via a link in a text, email or social media message.

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