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Lighting ideas - shedding some light on easy ways to brighten up your home – room by room

IT’S winter – it’s dark and cold, leaving many of us longing for lighter, brighter days.

But when it comes to lighting your home, there are so many different looks and techniques to help you achieve the feel and mood you want – even in the colder months.

From a welcoming, bright kitchen on a dull day to something soft and atmospheric for a cosy night in front of the TV – whatever your lightbulb moment, you may need a professional electrician to make it happen.

We have as number of trusted and recommended electricians across the PE Postcode area, so whether you are looking for a complete new look when it comes to
the lighting around your home, replacing old lighting or re-wiring other elements of your home, we have the
right person for the job.

They will help you put your bright ideas into effect, as well as being up to speed on the various electrical regulations. Here are a few things to think about when planning your lighting look:

  • Think about getting the balance right in the living room – especially if this is where you and the family spend the majority of your time. This is a space which is usually flexible and it used for entertainment but also as a place to relax. So consider using permanent fixtures such as chandeliers or pendant lamps but also take into consideration floor lamps and sconces. A dimmer switch is, of course, a must have.
  • One of the easiest rooms to light is probably the dining room, and the dining table is inevitably the focal point. Usually, chandeliers are chosen for this area but pendant lights are also very popular. However, you can also add a task lamp or accent lights if you wish to put the spotlight on a certain accent feature in the room. Spotlights embedded in the ceiling allow you to position the light in key areas if you have the space and style of room to pull it off.
  • Don’t overlook the kitchen when it comes to lighting. Gone are the days of fluorescent tube or strip lighting, with many people favouring ceiling and under cupboard spot lighting. Another popular choice is pendant lighting.
  • In the case of the bedroom, the best choice would be warm light because it’s more restful and relaxing. Usually, task lighting is used on the bedside tables but you can also have sconces there. Also, consider using accent lights to highlight a photo or a work of art. Don’t forget about the dimmer switch, it will allow you to create the perfect ambiance in the room.
  • Generally lighting in a bathroom needs to be clear and bright, though it's good to have a flexible scheme that allows for lower levels of light for those times when you want to sink back and relax in the bath. If you're using a mirror in the bathroom for shaving or applying makeup it's good to position lights either side as opposed to above to prevent glare and shadow. Safety regulations apply to lights in a bathroom. Your electrician can explain these.

To discuss any lighting requirements with a vetted, qualified and trustworthy electrician, click on to the two search fields on the top right of this page and get planning for 2017.

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