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Terms & Conditions of Leaving a Review

All our members have pledged to abide by the Safe Local Trades Service Charter. They are DBS checked, recommended, vetted and are committed to providing a quality service to their customers. It is in their best interest to do a good job as customers can rate their work on this website which will be published for all to see. Each are independent businesses and are responsible for the work they do. Although we take great care in selecting each individual member on our register, any contract is between the customer and the trader and we cannot accept any liability. 

Please ensure the reviews you provide are honest and fair. In reviewing our members, you must not have a personal relationship with them and you must have paid for and/or used their services.

Your feedback, whether it be positive or negative, is essential to us as it helps us to monitor our members and ensure that they are providing a quality service. To avoid abuse of the system, we cannot accept anonymous feedback therefore you will be required to register a few personal details prior to using this service for the first time. Once this has been completed, you can conveniently sign in with your email address and password to save time in the future. No personally identifiable information will ever be published on any feedback that is submitted. 

Negative feedback will only be reviewed if it relates to a job that was carried out after the trade professional became an Approved Member of

Submitting a Negative Review

Customers who have reason to be dissatisfied with the workmanship of an approved Member may submit negative feedback on the Member’s record using the Company’s website. Please note that negative reviews can only be submitted if the customer has sourced the member via 

In the event that a customer submits negative feedback, with an overall rating of less than 60%, it is not automatically published to the live website. The customer will receive an automated response recommending that they try to resolve the issue(s) directly with our Member. We encourage and recommend that customers make all reasonable efforts to discuss any issues directly with the Member concerned giving them reasonable opportunity to rectify the situation, or to find a mutual and satisfactory resolution.  In addition, we also contact the Member asking that they contact the customer directly. 

If within 48 hours of submitting negative feedback our Member has not made contact with the customer directly, we will intervene and liaise directly with our Member to ensure that they undertake the required steps to rectify the situation as per our Service Charter

Although we are independent and impartial, in the rare event that the customer cannot resolve the issue(s) directly with our Member, we will instigate an investigation into the issue(s) raised, with the aim of reaching a satisfactory conclusion to the matter. 

If it is found that the customer’s feedback is genuine and justified, we will consider this a ‘strike’ against the Member and the customer’s review will be published on the website. If a Member receives three strikes or more, they will be removed from  

In the event that a customer submits negative feedback with an overall rating of less than 40% and their feedback is found to be genuine and justified, then we reserve the right to remove the Member from the website immediately.

In the event that a customer submits negative feedback but they are not prepared to speak / respond to us to allow us to authenticate that the feedback is genuine, their ratings will not be published on the website.  


Complaints are rare but in the event of a customer seeking to make a complaint about the services of one of our approved Members, there are a number of options to choose from. Please ensure that you have discussed any grievances with the Member first, and then supply a fully detailed explanation of the events via: 

  1. Online Portal - submit a complaint via an Email or Text enquiry directly to the relevant Member using the online services which are monitored by Safe Local Trades 

  2. Written complaints - should be sent to the Managing Director, Safe Local Trades, Allia Future Business Centre, Peterborough PE2 8AN 

  3. Email complaints to

Note: Complaints will only be investigate if the customer has sourced the member via

On receipt of any complaint submitted in this manner we will contact the Member and ask that they contact the customer as a matter of urgency. As part of the Company’s Service Charter to which each approved Member is contractually obliged, Members must seek to resolve any issues promptly with their customers. 

Any remedial work which has been agreed to by the customer must normally be carried out within 4 weeks of the remedial work being agreed. There may be circumstances where a longer timeframe may be required depending on the level of remedial work to be undertaken.

We operate an open and honest policy regarding reviews and negative reviews will be published on our website.

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