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Neighbourhood Watch

NHW LogoNeighbourhood Watch is one of the largest and most successful crime prevention initiatives. It is a method of developing close liaison between households in a neighbourhood, the local police and the local authority. The aim is to help people protect themselves and their properties, to reduce the fear of crime and improve their local environment by:

  • Improved home security
  • Greater vigilance
  • Fostering a community spirit

It has been proven that areas that operate a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme are less likely to be targeted by crime, rogue traders and distraction burglars. There are many advantages to be gained from being part of a Neighbourhood Watch scheme, including a sense of greater contentment and security amongst participants and a feeling of being involved in the community - bringing back the community spirit and giving you peace of mind.

To find your local Neighbourhood Watch Scheme, click on the link below. Enter your postcode on the main page that is displayed and search:-



Stay Safe 

NHW Stay Safe Leaflet

Cambridgeshire NHW are pleased to provide access to a new e-booklet designed by Neighbourhood & Home Watch which offers numerous extremely useful tips and advice on how to protect yourself from some of the typical criminal activities.

Click Here to view the booklet on a separate screen page. It is possible to download a copy of the booklet to save as a file (once opened, click on tag at bottom right of screen). From this file you will be able to select the whole booklet for printing (36 pages !) or perhaps smaller extracts of text to support the work of NHW Coordinators, e.g., for use in village newsletters. They are currently looking into whether it will be possible to provide a hard copy for Coordinators.  


NHW Signs

Eileen Le Voi Peterborough NHWSafe Local Trades, covering the PE Postcode area, has worked with many local neighbourhood watch groups over the years and have provided free talks on the dangers of Doorstep Callers.

Eileen Le Voi, owner of Safe Local Trades, is also on the board of the Peterborough Neighbourhood Watch scheme and sponsors the lamp-post signs.

 NHW & Safe Local Trades

Useful links:-

Report and be alerted to crime in your area by downloading the My Trygve App at 

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Peterborough Neighbourhood Watch

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Lincs NHW:

Lincs Neighbourhood Watch

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More about Safe Local Trades

Safe Local Trades 0800 014 1832 Allia Future Business Centre, Peterborough United Football Club, Peterborough, Cambs, PE2 8AN