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Pedlars Licence

The Pedlars Act 1871 is the legislation that governs the regulation of door-to-door selling. A pedlar’s certificate is a certificate that allows a person to trade whilst on foot. Pedlars can travel from door-to-door, place to place or town to town. A pedlar’s certificate is obtained from the Chief Officer of the Police from the area where the person lives.

The applicant will require two forms of identification, one with a photograph and the other showing an address where the applicant has lived for at least 28 days. The applicant must be over 17 years of age. This information is used by the police to check the applicants’ identity and that they are of good character. The cost of a certificate varies but is around £12- £15.

The certificate is valid for one year from date of issue. Once a certificate has been obtained, they can be used anywhere in the United Kingdom.

The following is a sample of a legitimate pedlar's licence (but they may vary):-

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