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Investment Opportunities

Beware Investment Scams You're offered the chance to put money into things like shares, gemstones or fine wine. The promise is that these will rocket in value. In reality, what you are being offered is often over-priced, very risky and difficult to sell on.

Most of these so-called investments are run from overseas and may not be authorised by the UK's Financial Services Authority (FSA). As a result, there is almost no chance of getting your money back if things go wrong.

Protect yourself

  • Be very sceptical about calls out of the blue from companies you don't know offering shares and other investments - especially if they're 'guaranteed' or 'risk-free'.
  • Get independent financial advice before making an investment.
  • Never sign up to anything immediately or if you're told to keep the deal confidential.
  • Make sure the firm is on the Financial Services Authority (FSA) register of authorised firms by checking at

Caught by this scam?

Report it online at Action Fraud or telephone 0300 123 2040.

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