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Advance Fee

A letter or email offering you a huge payment if you can help get money out of a foreign country.Scams - advance fee

The writer might claim to be a government official, an accountant or a lawyer. They will tell you that they need to transfer millions of dollars to the UK - perhaps because of some major event in their country such as a coup or natural disaster. You're promised a slice of that money for helping with the transfer.

You may be asked for your bank details. The fraudsters then raid your bank account. Alternatively, you will be told to send an upfront fee. Either way, you never see a penny of the promised payment.

This scam is sometimes called the '419 scam' or the 'Nigerian letter'

Protect yourself

  • Just say no. These kinds of offers will always be a scam and you'll lose your money.
  • Never give your bank details to people you don't know.

Caught by this scam?

Report it online at Action Fraud or telephone 0300 123 2040.

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