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Member Spotlight on Victor Sacks of VS Associates Ltd - Financial Adviser in Huntingdon & Peterborough

Victor Sacks


Victor Sacks of VS Associates Ltd

When you were a child what did you aspire to be?
I wanted to be an airline pilot, but I hated physics and maths so that was a no go!

Did you enjoy school?
Some lessons I did, but in the main, I just couldn’t focus on someone talking, without painting a picture for me, or using a scenario to bring what they are saying, to life – it’s an issue I still have!

What motivated you to learn your service/trade?
I think like a lot of people we’ve grown to love each other! At first, it was a job, then it became clear I could make a career from it and now it’s part of my life – like a good old trusty pair of shoes – we fit perfectly!

What motivated you to start your own business?
A chance to take the padlock off of my personality, be who I want and run a business for me and not for someone else.

Do you wish you had started your business earlier?
No not at all. Working for HSBC for 18 years, doing 12-14 hour days, being trained, managed, targeted etc has made me appreciate having my own business. The training I got has been invaluable and I’m not sure I’d have put value on sales training had I started from scratch.

What are the rewards of being your ‘own Boss’?
Having your time to do what you want and to constantly be able to change how you do things without reporting to anyone…freedom I guess.

How did you support yourself financially to start your own business?
I made sure I had three months money in the bank, and some people to speak to about getting referral business.

What is the best part of your daily routine?
Being woken up by my son and not an alarm clock!

What have you learnt about yourself since starting your own business?
That I’m a ‘glass half empty’ guy, which I didn’t think I was. I look at what could go wrong first and so long as I can accept and understand the potential consequences – I go for it.

What does it mean to you now you are running your own business?
That I could never be employed again!!!!

What is your vision for your business in the next five years?
First and foremost; to still have my business. I want to be the ‘go to’ adviser for the self-employed, start-ups and micro businesses in Huntingdonshire and Peterborough, and to have two or three additional advisers who share my same views and values working with me to help me achieve it.

What advice would you give to anyone thinking about starting their own business?
Think about what’s the worst that can happen if it doesn’t work out? If you can accept it, get 3-6 months money behind you. Get a plan; where are you now, what milestone do you want to hit in six months? A year? Etc. Get the support of friends and family and give everything you’ve got to get it up and running. Take time out to ‘up periscope’ and see where you are against your plan. Have fun and enjoy being your own boss!

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