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Previous Fundraising for Age UK Peterborough

Since 2009, Eileen Le Voi, owner of Safe Local Trades, has helped raise money for Age UK Peterborough; these funds allow the charity to continue to deliver vital services to an ever growing population of older people in Peterborough.

David Bache, CEO of Age UK Peterborough, said “we at Age UK Peterborough are truly indebted to Eileen and her team of volunteers who have worked so hard and risked life and limb, to raise such an incredible amount of money. Over the past few years, Safe Local Trades have helped raise over £31,000 - no other local company has ever raised this amount for our charity and we are enormously grateful". 

Safe Local Trades are always looking for volunteers to take part in the events they organise, so click on the following link to see what they have lined up for 2016.

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Safe Local Trades 0800 014 1832 Allia Future Business Centre, Peterborough United Football Club, Peterborough, Cambs, PE2 8AN