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Firewalk 19th September 2013

What is Firewalking?

Firewalking is literally walking over burning hot coals, but how do you do it? The precursor to the firewalking is an uplifting, motivational seminar that will inspire you to do anything. The experience will leave you completely exhilarated - it's just a case of mind over matter! The seminar is an inspirational journey; empowering you so that you will not allow any fear to inhibit your actions.

Below is the team from our October 2012 Firewalk:

Firewalk for Age UK Peterborough 2012

Safe Local Trades and Age UK Peterborough are inviting thrill-seekers to walk barefoot across burning coals to raise money for the charity. Following a successful event last year, many people have signed up to take part in this thrilling journey – but there is still room for more to join in.

The firewalk will take place on Thursday 19 September at 6.00pm at the purpose-built firewalk training centre at The Retreat in Thorney (near the Dalmark buildings off the A47). Refreshments will be available for spectators, while the brave firewalkers receive their inspirational pre-walk seminar and all firewalkers can buy a souvenir photo from professional photographer Martin Bird on the night.

The event not only challenges people to do something extraordinary, it also empowers you so stand up to your fears and is great for team building.

Lee Mason of Free Thinking Design (one of the participants last year) said: “If you like to put yourself in situations that remind you you’re alive, I highly recommend trying a firewalk. It’s pretty cool and leaves you feeling really energised.”

In order to take part, you will need to raise a minimum of only £50 (the firewalk is normally £149.99!) and we will help with advice on how to start fundraising. Any extra money raised through sponsorship will be used to support older people living in Peterborough this winter.

Download our poster on the right - see if you can get some friends and work colleagues to do it with you!

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If you are interested, please let us know by contacting us here.

Success Formulae FirewalkingThe Firewalk Seminar is carried out by Steve Consalvez of Success Formulae; a local qualified firewalk instructor. The following is an overview of the event and more information can be found on their website by clicking here.

Fear in Action - Firewalk empowerment seminars

The firewalk is typically completed either at the end of an abbreviated seminar designed to “get you over”, or as part of a broader event, which is undertaken so you can begin to understand just how you can empower yourself under potentially stressful conditions, or in everyday life. Most of our seminars focus on the long-term benefits of being able to control your own emotions and get yourself in the best frame of mind, at will.

Our participants have been as young as 7, as old at 72, have been astrologers, builders, accountants, solicitors and business executives.

You’ll come for your own reasons, as everyone does. Whether it’s just for the thrill and taking the action regardless, or it’s an opportunity to use the skills they learn in the seminar to discover their own true potential, everyone gets something unique and treasured for themselves.

At the start of the seminar, all participants are encouraged to think carefully about what they want to get once they have acquired these skills and techniques. People overcome lifetime phobias, irrational fears, personal inhibitions, timidity and lifelong shyness, in just a few hours!

Fear of fire

Everyone has been burned, blistered or scorched at some point. We all know it’s dangerous. But at the same time, who hasn’t enjoyed a roaring fire and been hypnotised by its beauty and natural charm. Even though we have tamed it into something we use to cook with and heat our homes, it still proves constantly what a danger it can be.

The fact is, we have all got references or experiences that fire is harmful, so how is it possible that we can walk on fire, turning off our senses for 6 steps, and enjoy the experience, without burning? Psychologists and meta-Physicists have the answer but the media has alternative ones- ones we’ll share with you.

In all of our standard seminars, we will teach you established techniques, on how to use concentration, internal focus, physical energy control and resourceful state management to ensure that when the time comes, they will be able to walk on fire, safely, purposefully, positively, without fear.

During the seminar, you’ll get to experience just how much your own emotions and feelings are created and shaped by the things we say to ourselves, the things we picture, and the way we move our body. Then you will get to see for yourself how you can take control of all of these often unconscious events to create your own, preferred ways of handling people and events.

The Breakthrough Seminar is not solely about trying to overcome the fear of walking on red-hot charcoal. If it were, we could build a bonfire and fifty minutes later take people out to walk. What we are teaching, is that the difference between being unable or able to walk on fire is the same as taking no action, or not being able to take positive action in any area in which you currently feel limited, helpless or trapped.

During the seminar we discuss internal dialogue and the effects that it can have on the results we get in life. We consider how we talk to ourselves and to others – and how the type of voice, volume and quality make a vast difference to our behaviour and the nature of the actions we are willing to take. One of they key differences between success and failure in anything is the way we represent the possibility of achieving success: if we talk successfully inside, we will act resourcefully and positively.

The Breakthrough Seminar is not solely about trying to overcome the fear of walking on red-hot charcoal. If it were, we could build a bonfire and thirty minutes later take people out to walk. What we are teaching is that the difference between being unable or able to walk on fire is the same as taking no action or positive action in any area in which we currently feel limited, helpless or trapped.

Attaining and Sustaining Peak Motivation

Of course, to get to the point of taking action, you need enough motivation to begin with. For some, getting motivated is easy – for others, almost impossible. In the seminar, you’ll learn about how to motivate yourself – in areas where you want or need it, with precision. We get people to discover how they use their internal voices, pictures and physiological feelings to become motivated.

The fire walk is a unique and striking example of what people can do if they use all of their most effective internal states positively. The firewalk is an example of what they can do, afterwards, our participants think of their own challenges on their horizon which they now have the skills to take on.

Why not get a group of friends or some work colleagues to do it with you? Please download our poster here and put it on your noticeboard.

Firewalk for Age UK Peterborough 2013

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