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Complaints Process

Contact the member directly to report any issues within 14 days

Should you have reason for complaint regarding goods or services received from a Safe Local Trades member, we recommend you contact the member involved immediately and explain fully what is causing issue. 

Within two weeks of a customer knowing about an issue, they must report it to the member, so that they are given opportunity to rectify it before worsensing.

All customer feedback is important

Safe Local Trades believes customer feedback to be imperative and it is important that we are aware of all feedback to assure your customer journey is of the highest quality.

If negative feedback has been left - discuss the overall job feedback with the member on resolution.

Where an issue has occured and a solution has been provided - please take the time to establish with a member whether, post rectification works, the original feedback remains justifed.

Complaint Timeframes

A complaint must be registered directly with the member concerned, with a member having 48 hours to acknowledge the complaint and 21 days to resolve the issue. The resolution period is dependent on the nature or type of product/service, supply lag time and unless otherwise agreed by both parties.

If proposed resolution does not resolve the complaint

Please complete the Safe Local Trades Complaints Form. This is downloadable from the side bar.

On completion, please forward the form to:

A member of staff will acknowledge receipt of the form.

Safe Local Trades Ltd

Safe Local Trades Ltd remains impartial, working with both parties to determine a solution.

Before leaving negative feedback

Our Referral Scheme


Amazon Gift Card

If you recommend a like-minded trader who would be interested in getting the Safe Local Trades seal of approval, please get them to register their details at this LINK.

If your referral successfully becomes a member, you will receive a £20 Amazon Gift Card with our thanks.

Print your profile & reviews

We've created a simplified version of your profile for you to easily print off as a handout to prospective customers. Reviews of your choice can be included in this by clicking on the 'Your Reviews' (on the top toolbar above) and selecting or deselecting each review using the 'Marked for Print' toggle, found underneath each review.

Marked for Print

Been promised feedback?

Customers sometimes forget to submit feedback, so we've created a quick email reminder that prompts them to register online and submit feedback. Note: please only use this feature for customers who have found you via the website

Prompt Customer

Request Feedback Packs

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