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CCTV & Intruder Alarm Specialists in Peterborough and surrounding areas

Duke Security Systems is a physical security company specialising in CCTV and intruder detection. Based in Peterborough, Duke Security seeks to provide carefully planned and designed security solutions at clear and up-front prices. We inspect all the locations we protect, identify their vulnerabilities, and recommend solutions to effectively address the associated risks. As a company, we care rigorously about our reputation, and ensure our customers feel protected, know how to use their system and above all else, feel satisfied. 


A CCTV system installed by one of our professional CCTV installers provides complete peace of mind about the safety of your family, possessions, and general home security. We use small, yet powerful purpose-built CCTV NVR’s (Networked Video Recorders) – the brains behind your CCTV system, saving you space, unnecessary cabling, and money.

Our CCTV installers use hardware and equipment that is tested and proven, sourced from leading British distributors, and built to last. As well as installing your CCTV system, we will make sure you have access to your CCTV images, on any device – including smartphones, tablets, and desktops – anywhere, anytime.

Our CCTV packages start from just £490, fully installed.

If you are looking for a physical security company in East Anglia who has your safety and security as their priority, call us today.

Intruder Alarms:

Our intruder alarm components are fully wireless, meaning no messy cables and less install time. The result: a tidy more cost-effective solution. Each device has a range of 1,600 metres (in open space), meaning wireless technology is even more accessible today. The alarm panel can either be set/unset by a wireless fob, radio transmitter, pin code or via the dedicated app.

Control your intruder alarm via an encrypted app.

Forgot to set the alarm? No problem. Using the latest technology, you can set and unset your alarm, add users and receive alarm notifications all from your phone.

Our intruder alarms start from just £370 fully installed with a 2 year warranty and 1st year servicing.  

In addition to the above, we also provide Home Network Installations - see our listing HERE.

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