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Drylining, Partitioning, Sound Proofing & Ceiling Specialist in Peterborough and the surrounding areas

What is Dry Lining?

Dry lining is the fitting of plasterboard to any surface in lieu of a hard plaster and is covered with a plaster substitute. Surface examples are masonry, timber or metal, each requiring a different fixing method. Insulation can be glued to the back of plasterboard for energy saving properties and, when dry lining to metal or timber studs, insulation can be fitted in the cavity created between the studs.

Dry Lining uses a lot less water than traditional plastering and is therefore a relatively dry process, which can be decorated shortly after completion. Dry lining can be taped and jointed using special paper tape or it can be skim coated with a thin coat of plaster to provide a surface finish that is indistinguishable from hard plaster.

Dry lining systems have replaced traditional antiquated building methods in domestic, commercial and industrial applications covering ceilings, partitions, wall linings, separating walls and floors.

This system increases efficiency, saves time and is more cost effective.


Partitioning is a great way to divide rooms and garages such as creating an en-suite or utilising your garage to create a utility room, playroom or dry storage area. Please get in touch to discuss any requirements. 

Sound Proofing

Is the wall separating you from your neighbours too thin? We can provide a sound-proofing service to address this issue.

Our Services:

We have extensive experience and offer a fast, friendly and quality service for all your Dry Lining and Partiton requirements, which include the following:-

  • M/F Ceiling
  • Partitions
  • Screw Fix
  • Bonding
  • Fire Protection
  • Sound Block
  • Jointing
  • Garage conversions

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