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Benefits of Membership

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Win more business by getting the seal of approval

98% of consumers prefer a recommendation when sourcing trades and services. Being a member of means you will be promoted as reputable, open and honest about the services and customer care you offer and, with a full web profile and genuine feedback for potential customers to read, they will feel comfortable and reassured when getting in touch with you.


Web Profile Page

Your web profile page on will list your contact details, the range of services you offer, your credentials, genuine feedback, a full gallery area to upload your photos or images - you can even include a video clip as a way of introducing yourself to potential customers. If you currently have your own website, you can include the Safe Local Services logo and a link to your profile page.

Customer Contact Preferences

Customers have the option to make contact with you in a number of different ways; via telephone, our free text service or via email. They can send your details to their phone, email your details to themselves (or someone else) or print off your full web profile page. They can also save your details as a Favourite in their customer login area.


We all rely on feedback and the majority of consumers with internet access will reply on reviews for products, holidays, hotels, etc., prior to making a commitment. With professional services, it is no different. Our research shows that 98% of people want to see reviews first; therefore published genuine feedback from customers is extremely powerful for the success of your business. We provide you with unlimited feedback packs that can be handed to your customers, or they can leave their feedback online. We do not accept anonymous feedback and every review is monitored; if negative feedback is submitted, we give you the chance to rectify the situation prior to publishing it.


Your web profile will be indexed by Google therefore giving you a better presence on internet search engines.

Logo of Accreditation

Our sister company (see member and customer testimonials) has built up immense credibility over the past few years, with thousands of satisfied customers leaving positive reviews on members records. In 2007, we had a vision to build a local trusted brand name that consumers in the PE postcode district would recognise and use and we have successfully accomplished this. A copy of the logo will be supplied to you to use on your business cards, corporate stationery, your work vehicle, website, etc. This will distinguish you immediately as a reputable local service.

Places will be LIMITED so set yourself apart from your competitors and register your interest now, before it is too late.

More about Safe Local Trades

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