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Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning in Peterborough, Huntingdon, St Ives, Hemingfords, St Neots and all of Cambridgeshire

Peterborough Carpet Cleaners is an established and locally based carpet and upholstery cleaning business with over 20 years hands on experience working primarily in Peterborough and across all of Cambridgeshire and surrounding areas.
The company prides itself on providing a responsive, flexible and adaptable service to a wide range and type of business and domestic customers in the area. Specialist cleaning machines that produce a hot water and steam mixture are used in order to ensure carpets and upholstery are left hygienically and thoroughly clean

Peterborough Carpet Cleaners prides itself on offering an outstanding service from the initial contact through to completion of the job.

Carpet Cleaning - The latest professional high pressure machine combining water, steam and the appropriate cleaning chemicals ensure carpets are thoroughly clean, removing stains where possible. A high power turbo drier ensures carpets are left only slightly damp and ready to walk on within a very short period of time
Upholstery Cleaning - Using the same high pressure machine but with an appropriate hand tool, all types of fabric upholstery can be cleaned with outstanding results. Specialist cleaners are used to clean leather furniture and pre-testing is always carried out to ensure delicate fabric is not damaged and/or colours don't run. Drying time is generally slightly longer thus a minimum of 4 hours should be allowed before re-use.
Specialist Hard Floor Cleaning and Maintenance - The cleaning and maintenance of various types of hard floors, including wood, vinyl and specialist finishes is an area of particular expertise in both commercial and domestic situations.

We are always glad to discuss your carpet cleaning requirements and offer professional advice whatever the situation. Please get in touch using the contact details above.


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